Frequently Asked Questions


What IS Grower Champagne?

Grower Champagne is sparkling wine from the Champagne region in the north-east of France. The key difference is that the wine is grown and produced by the same entity. Grande Marque Champagnes such as Moet and Veuve Clicquot don’t grow all of their grapes, they buy from growers.

There’s are 15,000 of them.

Some growers decide to go independent and form their own Champagne. That’s who we deal with - independent producers who control production from vine to bottle!

If you’d like to know more, check out our blog post on the different types of Champagne producers.

Is Grower Champagne “better” than Grande Marque?

We think it is! Or rather, we think the POTENTIAL is better.

Consider this: you are a grower and the big brands are paying you by the kilo. In most cases your grapes will be collected and then be mixed with many others, the juices blended and any unique character is lost. What incentive do you have to prioritise quality over quantity?

Grower Champagne producers have their name on each bottle. The buck stops with them. If the quality is poor, there is nowhere to hide!

Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of poor quality Grower Champagne. This is why 4to7 taste hundreds of different bottles every year to seek out the very best and deliver it to you.

Grower Champagne accounts for just 1.5% of total volume imported in to the UK, and 4to7 aims to be the very best at finding great growers and sharing their marvellous wines.

What is your shipping policy?

Currently 4to7 only ships retail orders within the UK.
For large orders and events we can arrange shipping within the EU but please get in touch with us at to discuss this first.

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy and all other terms and conditions are included here.